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1. What is the price range of your gowns?

Our off-the-rail studio collections are priced between R5 000 and R25 000. Our bespoke gowns are priced and quoted individually, starting from about

R25 000 excluding fabric, but please do contact us for more information.

2. Do you hire out your gowns?

No we only sell off-the-rail and custom design bespoke gowns.

3. Do you make other garments, such as bridesmaids dresses?

We specialize in bridal gowns, but if our schedule permits, we do undertake certain couture evening pieces from time to time. We unfortunately do not make bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom or cocktail wear.

4. How long before my wedding, must I make contact?

For our bespoke gowns, we recommend to contact us at least 8 to 12 months before your wedding. For our made-to-measure studio collection, we need at least 4-5 months notice. For our off-the-rail once off studio styles, you can fit and purchase on the spot, but if any alterations are needed we recommend coming in at least a month in advance.

5.  I am not based in Kwazulu Natal, can I still have a Hanrie Lues Bridal gown?

Yes absolutely! For our bespoke brides, we offer a simple process if you are located outside of KZN (even if you are abroad!) We need minimal fittings and most of the planning can be done via email and Zoom. We would recommend a final fitting though, but if you are located internationally and have access to a trusted seamstress to attend to any possible small adjustments and tweaks, we can simply finish your luxury piece and courier it to you. For our annual made-to-measure bridal collections, we can easily construct your desired style, based on measurements that you have taken, guided by our extensive guidance & measurement chart. For international or out of town orders, please allow a minimum lead-time of 8 months.

Frequently asked questions

6. Is there a cost involved in consultations?

Yes - For bridal studio fittings, aimed at our off-the-rail collections, there is a fee of R350 for an hour WEEKDAY appointment and R450 for a Saturday appointment. This consultation will be with our friendly and experienced designer's assistant, or with Hanrie if she is available, at our boutique in Hilton.

For our VVIP bespoke brides, the first creative planning consultation will be R450 for an hour during the week & R550 for an hour on a Saturday. This consultation is a one-on-one session with our head designer herself, Hanrie. Where she will discuss the custom illustrated designs she prepared in anticipation of this first meeting. It does NOT include trying on gowns off the rail as well, please inquire if you'd like to add this on to your appointment, as it will incur an additional cost. 

7. Do you buy back bridal gowns?

No we don't, but we have introduced our HLB pre-loved rail of gowns. For brides that would like to list their Hanrie Lues Bridal gowns with us, to try and sell them off our rail. Please send us a message for more information on this service.

8. Do you copy dress designs from the internet?

HUGE nope!

9. Do you design for larger sizes?

Yes we can gladly assist any shape and size bride, through our bespoke couture option. Please email us for more information. 

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