2 tailored fit, designer cloth face masks. Designed, developed and manufactured by HLB. Made from a woven cotton poplin spandex blend, with a 3 ply construction. Inner Spunbond Polypropylene layer for additional filtration. Filter pocket function added.

The X-Small mask comes standard with ties that tie up behind your child's head, for a more comfortable fit. No Wire nose-bridge. 

2 x Extra-Small mask - Kids 2yrs+

  • Our 3 ply cotton poplin spandex blend tailored cloth masks, come with an inner layer for additional filtration, made from Spunbond Polypropylene. 

    Due to this, we suggest hand-wash in warm water, using washing powder.

    Remove your additional filter before washing!

    Let dry naturally, in the sun if possible, as this kills off more bacteria.

    Finally, flat iron your mask, by folding it in half with the outside facing out. Use a press cloth to avoid burning the fabric.  Heat temp setting to COTTON.

    It is recommended by government to wash your mask after each day of use. Therefore it is advisable to always have at least 2 masks, so that you can interchange between them.

    Store in a ziplock bag until need for next use, once clean, dry & ironed.