Tailored Cloth Masks

After careful consideration, MANY requests about WHEN we will join the masked-army... We have finally decided to join the team, in the battle against the spread of COVID-19.

Going in to the future, mask wearing will be mandatory for at least another few months. Normal citizens have been urged not to use the professional medical grade masks, but rather opt for cloth/fabric masks.



• As with all our work, we are placing emphasis on quality above quantity!

• As much as aesthetics is important, we are taking the functional route, in addition to looks. Currently we have 2 basic colorways, but we will be adding more soon. We just wanted to get the ball rolling and get some actual masks in the hands of those that need them!

• After weeks of research into textiles, the latest scientific lab research, information directly from health care professionals, CDC and WHO guidelines, I have been developing a custom pattern and textile combination. Our masks feature an outer layer & lining layer made from cotton Poplin Spandex. We have included a third inner layer of Spunbond Polypropylene for additional filtration capabilities.

• There are literally thousands of cloth masks out there, but the research has shown that a mere 1% gap in the fit of the mask can reduce its efficiency.  So we have developed a tailored fit, you could almost say couture in it's design, to ensure maximum coverage.  The introduction of a unique chin insert, lends an additional snug fit under the chin. While the wire nose-bridge insert makes sure the mask molds to your face just above your nose. 

• Research has also shown that with the correct combination of fabrics, used with an acceptable filter, combined with a proper 'seal' around the mask, can render up to a 95% efficiency. Very close to that of a medical grade mask.

• I have also, being a wearer of glasses myself, made it my mission to have NO MORE FOG on my glasses when wearing the mask! Our unique fit & cut of the mask, along with some nifty 'hacks' we have found, will be sent along with your care and wash instructions upon delivery. This combo will make sure that you have little to now more fog while wearing a mask.

• I've worn the medical grade masks out and I have to admit, that anything thicker than that, that I have tested, made me feel totally claustrophobic. So I've been tirelessly making sample after sample using different fabrics to test comfort VS efficiency. That is why our masks make use of thin and light cotton blend, woven fabric. It allows for maximum breathing, water resistance, maximum moisture wicking capabilities as well as efficient filtration. The use of multiple layers of woven and non-woven textiles have shown to be very effective at filtering particles the size of this virus. The multiple layers method acts as a sort of membrane, capturing particles with each layer, effectively resulting in minimum exposure.

I came to the final conclusion, that if we were to make masks, I need to have peace of mind that what we are making will work as effectively as possible, be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, look attractive and safe.  I didn't just want to make and sell a mask for the sake of it, I needed to know that I am adding value to the mask-market.

If you would like more information on our masks, the technical aspects, references when sourcing information etc, you are welcome to mail us on studio@hanrielues.com

Sizing Guide

The masks come in 5 different sizes and are very easy to order based on your requirements.

- Extra Small (XS) is made to fit toddlers and small children.

Although it is recommended to always use our kids masks WITH adult supervision. It is also advised not to take children out in public, unless           absolutely necessary. These masks are not intended for infants under 2 years of age, they should also not be worn while sleeping.

- Small will fit most older kids & teens under 16 years of age.

- Medium will fit most ladies, our sample pictured is a medium.

- Large will fit ladies, who need a more forgiving fit and will also fit the average size man.

- Extra Large (XL) is intended for men with a larger facial structure. 

Our design allows for a snug fit along the edge of the mask, while allowing some space for talking and movement around the mouth area.


Our community outreach partner of choice is GRACE AID

an incredible initiative that has been offering support to our local community for years.

Visit their website here for more:


Every R10 donation will be in aid of relief for COVID-19 in RSA

Thank you for your donation!